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Books are an excellent source for shipwreck information. The only drawback is the information never changes

Searches - Free or Fee

  • If you just want details on one or two vessels, or, know partial details and are trying to fill in the blanks, or are interested in how or where a relatives ship was lost, this is free. If you do not know the name of a ship I will try and find it for you. You can also ask if I have anything on passengers or crew, dates or whatever, but as stated please keep it simple. These searches are purely from the database so if there is a negative result now, you are welcome to try again a little later on. Data is always being entered. An e-mail only costs you time.

    The Reports

  • The database is not on the web nor is it even linked to the web. The most requested reports are those that cover coastlines. The full list of reports can be seen on the Wreck List/Reports page. Deep sea wrecks seem to be of little interest so I do not list them. However, if that is your interest then just ask. Wreck lists have a fee attached, and the fee is based on size of the report. Most reports get larger over time and would tend to incease the cost, but there are ways to avoid this. If your area of interest is not shown then e-mail me, I just might have what you want, although not listed. When looking for for list please note: France has a coastline in the English Channel, the North Atlantic and the Med. Several other countries can also have split coastlines.

    Purchased Reports

  • On the Wreck List page, if you find a list that you are interested in, move to the right hand side and you will find a link "CC Purchase". If you click the link it takes you to the secure pages of a division of Digital River. The page will relate to the list you have selected and will also allow multiple orders to be placed in a basket. Regsoft accepts payments by CC, Money Orders, PayPal and others. Complete the form and submit. When Regsoft has completed it's work it sends me a copy of the order and the information of the person who ordered it. A copy of the latest report is drawn from the database, converted to html, and sent to the Purchaser. Funds on this page are shown in US dollars. Regsoft has a conversion chart for values in other currencies.
  • Check out the "Sample Reports" on the main page for style and content. This is what you will receive. There are no maps or charts. No keywords or passwords involved,

  • Purchased reports are e-mailed within 24 hrs or less of this registry being notified. If by any chance it gets lost or accidently deleted or whatever, let me know and a copy will be re-sent. All e-mail, both incoming and outgoing, is checked by "AVG Anti Virus". When you receive the attachment (report) simply double click on it and your browser (IE or Netscape) will automatically open it.