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International Registry of Sunken Ships

Books are an excellent source for shipwreck information. The only drawback is the information never changes.

  • Islands and coastlines that have 20 or less wrecks are not listed.
    Number of Records (wrecks) in ReportCost
    21 - 500US$ 10.00
    501 - 1000 US$ 20.00
    1001 - 2000US$ 30.00
    2001 - 5000 plusUS$ 40.00


    Purchased reports are e-mailed within 24 hrs or less of this registry being notified. If the e-mail and attachment does not bounce back to me as "not delivered" I will assume it has been received. If by any chance it gets lost or accidently deleted or whatever, let me know and I will get a copy re-sent.

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    When you receive the attachment (report) simply double click on it and your browser (IE or Netscape) will automatically open it.

    Please note: France has a coastline in the English Channel, the North Atlantic and the Med. Several other countries can also have split coastlines.